30 April 2006

Vegan Lunch Box

Ooooh! Oddly, the Vegan Lunch Box blog was mentioned on an MP3 blog I was checking out... and I am so smitten! (Also a little jealous I didn't think of it first... not that I am vegan.. or this creative with my lunches... but what a great idea.)

On the other hand.... doing "diabetic dinners" might work... I really have to get back to eating better. I haven't stepped on a scale lately but my clothes tell me I have gained weight again. Bah. For the record, I am not diabetic (err... yet. It runs in the family...) but I find that the diabetic diet suits my metabolism well; when I am following it, I feel full and am able to lose or at least maintain my weight ... really it's all about portion control.

tags: blog promotion, weight issues.


pastilla said...

I love those Bento-style lunch sites, too . . . the time it must take to plan, prepare and photograph them every morning . . . esp. with vegan restrictions . . .boggles the mind.

pastilla said...

P.S. (Slightly OCD) Also, do you get the feeling she has a huge budget, eats/throws away a lot, or has an exploding freezer?

What does she do with the leftover 11 muffins, 3/4 can organic baby corn, 3/4 package of faux chicken nuggets ($3.59 US for 12), 3/4 package soba noodles, etc.?

She never seems to repeat ingredients . . . and buys health food store items that are double the price of their low-life, non-organic, hyperhydroheniouslysaturated counterparts.

This bothers me. Too much, I fear.

::looks for therapist in Yellow Pages::

Cheryl said...

Heh. Well, I read a little closer, and the lunch box seems to be for her child... so I am going to presume that she and her husband who both live at home actually eat the remainder.

However, I also took a photo of my lunchbox last night and had to laugh. I'll post it later.

pastilla said...

re: the remainders: or, Surprise Casserole every Thursday!

Thanks for the picture . . . put my troubled thoughts to rest.