30 April 2006

Sunny Sunday...

Today was a beach day! Well... it was until kiddo lost her balance and ended up sitting in wet, yucky coloured sand (it stained her pants an unfortunately dark yellow colour.. eww). Luckily we had a spare change of clothes in the van.

digging_in_sand bigswing inside_octopuseye


On our way out, we noticed a LOT of police cars, and a full yellow-tape covered crimescene across the rail side of the Johnson St. Bridge.... turns out there was a suspicious death there sometime overnight (male, late 50s) but police are not handing out much information yet. Unfortunately this crimescene is right across the street from the new, Dockside Green "community" development, just getting underway.

docksidegreen ... crimescene2

The police were still guarding the boundaries when we came home 5 hours later and we noticed there was a forensics team combing for evidence ... so even before the news we were pretty sure someone had died (and not likely from natural causes).

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