03 April 2006

Pam vs. the PM

OK... I'm not a fan of clubbing baby seals just as I'm not a fan of being able to recognize what I eat as the animal it used to be (Cornish game hens? No thanks. Fish with head still attached? I'll pass.) But I am not getting all bent out of shape over the seal cull.

So if Pammy wants to stand beside a washed out, over the hill musician and a fading film star and complain fine. But if she (or they) expect the Prime Minister to drop everything for a photo op and chat over the subject, she needs to wake up and smell the politics. Pam pans seal cull [The ChronicleHerald.ca]

My bet is that Harper is avoiding them partly out of common sense (they are celebrities not scientists) and partly to set himself apart from Martin's embrace of celebrities like Bono during the last election. And you know what? I admire him for it.

Now I have to go take a shower. I feel a bit dirty.

tags: Canadian politics, celebrity politics, seal cull.

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pastilla said...

I think Harper wishes to avoid a picture like this: