23 April 2006


Well, this morning I tackled weeding and some other preparations for the garden this year. Most of the useable space is off to one side... there are still strawberries growing at the front of the raised bed, and potatoes have again sprouted at the back. I think I will try to grow corn in the rest of the space.


I'll try and repeat the mixed greens in one of the smaller containers; not sure what will go in the other. I am going to prepare a container just for kiddo, too, for whatever she wants to grow.

On the other side, I am going to try tomatoes again, and I might get some marigolds to plant between them (I think that's what keeps the pests away... I'll double check).

After lunch, kiddo and I went out to buy hubby's birthday gifts... luckily, I had already decided what to get him... and kiddo found something very nifty that was not at all on his list. Tee Hee. His birthday is Wednesday... it's going to be hard keeping quiet about this one until then.

Tags: gardening, garden planning

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