19 April 2006

Procrastination WINS

OK... so I spent an entire evening twiddling with photoshop to create some new icons. This one won:

I think it looks like what you might see if I were caught on surveilance video.

tags: procrastination, photos, narcissus.


Z├ęzette said...

It looks good. Is it a recent photo? You look very young! Or maybe it's just the effects of that alarming skin condition you seem to have. ;)

You've inspired me to start fiddling around with my blog pic. (Emphasis on "start".)

Cheryl said...

Heh. It is recent (February). Recent, then made glamourous by being greyscaled then made alarming by filtering with "halftone."

pastilla said...

You know, it kind of gives the effect of a surveillance camera through a reinforced glass window, such as one might find in a "special purpose" medical ward or police station.