19 April 2006

Goals Unmet...

I was looking back over old posts and found one from September 2004 where I said I was going "to put some real effort into getting something published in the next year to 18-months." Yeah, that hasn't happened.

This is my world in a nutshell... I talk and talk and talk about stuff I'm going to do... but spend so much time talking that little gets done. Add to that my hubby's assertion that I have an 8-day attention span for most projects, and you can see my problem.

Thing is, I thrive on task completion. I get a little high every time I cross something off a list... conversely, I get morose looking at long lists of tasks -- it's a delicate balance.

Meanwhile, I have lots of nights like last night where I knew I had plenty of things on the go and didn't want to do anything. I didn't even finish putting away laundry... I just watched tv (including a particularly grizzly episode of House), puttered about online, packed my lunch for today, and finally crawled into bed with a book (currently reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere).

I can't let myself get too bent out of shape about all of this... but I do kinda want 2006 to be the year I finish projects from the back burner, or just junk them because they've been simmering too long. Don't quote me on that, though. :)

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pastilla said...

I hear you . . . but cut yourself some slack: it's clear you are an extremely hard worker, with lots on the go. I think creative people really do need more time to stand around looking at bunnies and benches, reading good books and settling down with a grizzly TV show. Helps recharge the batteries :)

Home reno is a real time and energy sucker, even though it is fun and fairly creative . . .