14 April 2006

Crafting Ahead... or Web Updates.... or Something Else

OK... so here in Canada, with my pseudo-government job, I have a 4 day Easter Weekend (many people have 3 days off; Monday is not officially a statutory holiday)... so this means I get to tackle my big To Do list. Actually, job number one is writing the To Do list.

Things I'd like to get done fall into a few categories:

1. Crafting. Continuing in the stash-reduction to clear out craft supplies that are sitting around or finish off planned projects. May or may not include more JoeCozy production.

2. Reno stuff. Not too much here for this weekend; maybe only as far as reorganizing a couple of closets.... eventually we will need to finish the kitchen, but not now.

3. Web Updates. Oh, this is a huge list. I would definitely like to cross off a few little things from this part of the list this weekend. Possible targets are my Victoria Guide, the VIWiFi page, my Brain, Frugal Victoria, and/or a backend cleaning of the files on the server.

4. Writing. I have several items on the list that fall under this category -- movie reviews for back catalog titles (i.e. not curently in the theatre or newly released DVDs), the retelling of an old Italian fairy tale, local history articles... and a few other ideas.

Of course there are things that don't fall into those categories (like filing some of the paperwork that tends to cover every surface), and things that really aren't a priority (like going back to properly tag journal entries) and some of those might get done too. We have very few concrete plans this weekend -- an Egg Hunt on Sunday morning for kiddo and Easter dinner Sunday night are the only big things.

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