25 April 2006

Where's the nearest Leftorium?

So, apparently, if there is someone out there manufacturing a left-handed guillotine style paper cutter out there, I can't find them. Why do I care? I'm not left-handed, but I am currently nursing a very sore right shoulder and today, using the paper cutter at work put me over the edge.

When I was doing work and research for health and safety, I used to encourage people to try doing things with their opposite hand, just to give their regular hand a rest if they could (I'm pretty sure it's also good for your brain). Mousing is a prime example and I do alternate hands between home and work (left at work, right at home).

So... why no left-handed guillotine cutter? It's just a blade on a pivot! Surely someone could make one that could be installed on the opposite side? I even checked AnythingLeftHanded and they have no such tool. Sigh.

tags: rant, handedness, office equipment.

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