04 April 2006

Glipp!! Thwape!! Zok!!

I love that someone screencapped all the Batman TV Show sound effect words: Onomatopeyas (via Drawn!)

They would make excellent icon fodder.

Related superhero/comic goodness:

1. How to Tell if You're a Superhero (via Sarcasmo's Corner)

2.Why Superman is named Clark, not Clint (via Candleblog)

I thought I had more to share... but those will have to do for now.

tags: comics, superheroes, geeky.


Z├ęzette said...

The name "Clint" makes me snicker whenever I see it. In a cutesy homewares store once I saw examples of custom-made door signs for kids, which had the letters made out of padded fabric. One of the names used on these examples was CLINT, but in puffy capitals it looks like a rather more rique word. Took me a while to work out how anyone could -- as hilarious as it was -- get away with such a profanity in such a twee environment.

Pastilla said...

I particularly appreciate that the screencapper offered a choice of z-ZWAP spellings and hyphenation options. . .

Signed, The Amazing (ARRRGH) Pastilla