07 April 2006

Craft-tastic! Paper

Wow. I love artful snowflakes but Paper Cutouts by Carol Menninga takes that to a new level. Her cutouts are nature-inspired (e.g. frogs circle a lily pad on her main page) and are painted with coffee!! Ah, so beautiful.

If retro is your thing, pop over to BarnaclePress for a look at their collection of 1920s paper cutout toys (all black and white pdf printables).

File under useful: printable and disposable rulers! Variety of standard (metric and imperial) rulers. Just don't "shrink to fit" when printing. Also: printable Canadian maps from the Atlas of Canada and US maps from the National Atlas.

tags: crafts, art, printables, reference

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pastilla said...

re: the snowflake cutter * * * * I bet she was her nursery school teacher's favorite student ever