28 April 2006


Over at Drawn! they have a trio of posts about recycled and artful robots. They're all so darn cute. Drawn! contributer John Martz has a few words to share about robots on his RobotJohnny site, too.

Maybe you want a real robot... well hop over to RobotShop.ca where they have toys, chore-bots (mowers & vacuums), and kits! (Kits, hubby! Parts and instructions, too! Like this Bug robot kit!)

Like it rough? Check out the many competitions in the Robot Fighting League (what -- you think I'm kidding? Have you not watched Robot Wars?)

Wanna read about some robotic conspiracy theories? Or possibly just future trends? Check out Marshall Brain's thoughts on robots.

Wanna watch some robots? Check out Just Another Lonely Unicycle Robot (which may remind you of Luxo Jr.), get some Robot Love, here's a claymation-style Robot, travel back in time as The Computer Chronicles "microfocus" on Robotics (originally aired in 1984), or check out Boston Dynamics' creepily beautiful Robot Mule a.k.a BigDog.

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Ted said...

Or build one out of LEGO. :)


Cheryl said...

Well, sure. There's always room for more LEGO. That kit has been on our wishlist for a loooong time.

Mike DeWolfe said...

I am really tempted by Mindstorms having puttered with LOGO in thre 1980s. Maybe I could build my own Roomba-- it doesn't so much vaaccum as sweep. Hmmm... I think I justified getting a Mindstorms kit...