10 April 2006

Her Magesty at 80.

Her Magesty, Queen Elizabeth II, will be turning 80 next week, on April 21st. She is still Queen of Canada, though I suspect if she actually tried to "enforce" anything on this side of the pond, there'd be an uprising that would put an end to the monarchy here.

At any rate the Official Website of the British Monarchy is
Celebrating the Queen's 80th Birthday (with) 80 facts about The Queen. She was an early adopter of e-mail (1976) and heads more than 620 charities. The list is amusing, if a bit dry.

Happy Birthday, Liz. Now how about you hand over the reigns to that idiot son of yours?

tags: royalty, monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II

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pastilla said...

Wonder when the Chuck and Cammy Show will begin for real?