09 April 2006

Odd Sunday....

This morning (and now that I am home, this evening) crafting continues. Created "Mr. Hiss" a wee stuffed snake, for sale at Etsy.


At noon, we headed out to the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair. The first thing that struck me was that about a third of the entries were in French; the other, that it has shrunk, considerably, as exhibits were only spread around the main floor of the Elliot lecture wing rather than up and downstairs as in the past. We encouraged kiddo to ask questions, though. Some kids had clearly rehearsed a single answer, others were clever enough to skew their descriptions to her level.

Leaving the University we drove along the waterfront and through the Uplands, and decided to wander through Ross Bay Cemetery. Lightly drizzling, it was the perfect day for it. I even captured a perfect "crow on a gravestone" shot:


Dinner was almost ready on our return home, hubby had left spareribs slow-cooking. Mmmm.

tags: crafting, sciencefair, cemetery

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