22 April 2006

Happy Earth Day.

Yep, it was Earth Day today.

Kiddo celebrated it at school yesterday with a "birthday party" for Mother Earth and a walk. On our way home, she kindly YELLED "Happy Birthday, Earth" more than once out the window.

So how did we celebrate? Naturally, even though it was a beautiful day here, we climbed in the van and drove to Nanaimo and back (about 250 km round trip if you're counting) -- with the air conditioning on for at least half the trip. Ah well... We did manage to go into two different Starbucks with a travel mug -- in honour of Earth Day anyone with their own mug got a drip coffee drink on the house. Niiice. Free Starbucks coffee is the best Starbucks coffee of all.

We stopped in Duncan with the idea of attending the Home Show we'd heard was at the Cowichan Valley Community Centre (home of the World's Largest Hockey Stick and Puck); what we didn't realize was that (a) the show was small and lame, and (b) West Coast Amusements travelling carnival was set up in the lot next door -- so kiddo wanted to go on the rides. Hubby made a deal with her: four rides then we go -- no arguments, no complaints. This seemed fair, and he bought 6 ride tickets for $12 (thinking he would accompany her on two rides). In fact, he only joined her on the Tilt-a-Whirl, so she got five rides (she also went on Raiders, Dizzy Dragons, Choo-Choo Charlie (or something similar), and the Merry Go Round) . And then pitched into a hissy fit, because we never said anything about the games.

After we were done at the Home Show, we examined a huge tree outside the Centre -- big enough for kiddo to stand inside:


Then we continued North to Nanaimo while kiddo, exhausted from her tantrum, slept in the van. We did some shopping (including finding an apparently disposable pillow which according to the care symbols could not be cleaned) and then ate dinner at Blue Ginger (mmm.) where kiddo surprised the hell out of us by trying several new foods -- sunomono salad with shrimp, gyoza, and tamago nigiri!

On the way home, we stopped in at Russel Farm Market for a box full of $25 worth of produce and deli goods (including the elusive Pea Shoots!! Yay!). After a quick stop for fuel and a car wash in Duncan, it was back home where kiddo fell asleep within 10 minutes of climbing into bed.

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