12 April 2006

Busy ... and not so busy.

Work is getting interesting. We are upgrading the ILS ("integrated library system") at the end of May and I have been asked to be one of the trainers. Thing is I will not be training my unit (we have enough "seasoned" trainers) so I get a crash course in another unit before training them. Nice. :)

I have also been appointed to take over the design and maintenance of the website for my union local. This is good, the current site is in need of a facelift. Unfortunately, the site was in mid-transition and I have no password access yet. Ah well.

Last night, hubby went out to see the Zombie film for which he made some "spare parts" last fall and since the weather was so nice, kiddo and I went down to the park where she played on the slide and the "big girl" swing. [I tried to embed the video but it blows way out of the frame. You can see her being a big girl at YouTube]

We also went for a walk along the waterfront where I took many many photos.

victoria_westbay sea_anenome1 weeds

Really nice evening.

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