16 April 2006

Happy Easter!


I made this little chick-breaking-out-of-a-decorated-egg on Saturday night for the front of kiddo's Easter card. Cute, eh?

I also stuffed and hid all the eggs for kiddo to find in the morning (24 eggs; I think about 8 have non-chocolate gifts or coins inside) and packed her Easter basket. (We found what I hope is the coolest gift at Winners earlier today: Etch-A-Sketch wired. It plugs into the TV and, along with basic drawing functions, there are connect-the-dots games and animation games.)

While we were downtown, I spotted a holiday sign with a sense of humour outside a local microbrewery -- it said "Hoppy Yeaster!"

And of course, I couldn't resist using FD's Flickr Toys to make a Happy Easter message of my own....

Happy Easter!

Tags: Easter, holiday, craft-fu

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pastilla said...

Great little beady eyes (Nick Park-ish) and the embroidery detail on the top of the head.