01 May 2006

One in Three

May is (among other things) Hepatitis C Awareness Month.

FACT: More than one third of all people living with Hepatitis C (HCV) in Canada live in British Columbia (an estimated 65,000 British Columbians). This is approximately double the national average.

FACT: HCV is 10 times more infective than HIV through blood-to-blood contact. Most common infections are through shared needles/needle sticks from infected needles or through blood transfusions prior to 1992.

More info:
Hepatitis C Council of British Columbia Canada
Centre for Disease Control Hepatitis C Fact Sheet
World Health Organization Hepatitis C Information (includes somewhat outdated (1999) global prevalence)

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Z├ęzette said...

Yes, HCV is a way bigger deal than HIV in so many ways. HIV infection, contrary to (very) popular mythology, is more or less impossible to contract via needlestick. Certainly the syringes you may see on the ground aren't an HIV threat, given that HIV dies shortly after leaving the body. HCV stays active for much longer. It doesn't seem to be as prevalent in the popular consciousness in the same way HIV is, for some reason.