26 April 2006

The Day's Adventures....

After kiddo had been dropped off at school, Hubby and I went out for lunch. We went to Zambri's, tucked into the Harris Green shopping area, behind London Drugs. It would have been a fine outing except that the counter where diners order is about 8 feet from the door. More than four people in line and suddenly everyone is screwed. We ordered (eventually) then had to wait for a table. Once seated it was clear that we had timed our visit exactly to the lunch rush -- within half an hour the place was comfortably 2/3 full. The food (sort-of rustic Italian) was fine... but as I told hubby, he cooks at least as well (usually better).


After lunch we grabbed some sushi ingredients from Sakura (just around the corner from Zambri's) and then wandered off shopping. We got a big stack of blank cards (to make cards to sell on Etsy) from ArtWorld (they have a secondary business now called cardblanks.com). We went to Wal-Mart*, just to have a look at the Table-Mate II, which seemed like it would do the trick for our laptops... but it is pretty cheap and flimsy. We also checked a few second-hand stores in search of sturdy tv-tray/tables to no avail. Hubby did however get a wicked cool electric ice-cream maker.


*While at Wal-Mart, some crazy lady came out of an aisle looks at us and says, "Tell me what time it is," (like a command) to which hubby says, "About 2:00," to which crazy lady replies, "Oh, no. That's not right, it's way later than that!" To which I said, "Then I guess we don't know either." Freakin' moron. This kind of incident is one of many MANY reasons we generally don't set foot in that cesspit of a business.

After collecting kiddo, we came home and hubby set about making a nice sushi dinner while I flung in a couple of loads of laundry.


Now we are watching a dubbed version of Brotherhood of theWolf, a very gory French film about werewolves.

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