21 April 2006

30 Boxes still rockses!

All right... last week Google released gcal, a calendar that is receiving plenty of press. A while ago, I blogged about 30 Boxes and just how swish it was. Well, as I predicted, it got swisher. Now there is a simple rss feed that I can plunk on my GoogleHome (if you prefer, you can add it to MyYahoo, Rojo, Bloglines, or whatever) and even better, I have signed up to get SMS message reminders prior to important meetings or events! Now if only there were something comparable to EvokeTV in the Canadian market I would then have everything I was looking for when I first found 30 Boxes!

So, while the Google calendar may look about the same at first glance, and usually I am right there "drinking the Google Kool Aid," (don't even joke about taking away my Gmail!!) this time, I am going with the non-Google option; I am sticking with 30 Boxes.

If you have already signed up with 30 Boxes, you can add me as a buddy with the click of a button...

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