14 April 2006

Mostly productive day....

After breakfast, I decided to tackle our "junk" closet. If you've been to our house, it's just off the dining area and houses the hot water tank and the kitty litter bin (we added a cat flap to the door). Anyway, it's kind of a dumping ground. There are shelves for our kitchen equipment overflow (baking pans, rice cooker, etc.), cleaning tools (brooms, Swiffer™, vacuum cleaner), craft stuff, and all manner of crap that gets stashed when we clean for guests at the last minute. Some of it never makes it out.

more_organizedSo, I pulled everything out (well, everything on the floor and leaning against the wall), chucked some scary/useless items; found a Christmas gift from 2003 that we had meant to return; relocated some items in the storage locker; and sorted the craft supplies. After that, I installed some shelves (yay!) then put stuff back in better order. It's sooo much cleaner now. I keep opening the door just to look at it. :)

Around 4:00, I started crafting, and by 10:30 (with breaks for dinner, cleaning, and websurfing) I had this little guy, Mister Whiskers:


Isn't he cute? I haven't decided whether I will keep him or put him up for adoption on Etsy.... but I am leaning toward keeping him. I didn't have a pattern ... I just created him freehand. If I do others, there are a few things I will change... but I'm still pretty happy with the result.

tags: craft-fu, home organization

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pastilla said...

You're an inspiration . . . my dumping ground (the garage) gets progressively more disgusting until May, when it gets warm enough that I can go out there and do something about it.

Love the expression on that cat's face!