12 April 2006

Web To-Do

I have a long to-do list, web wise. Always do. One or more of my sites is perpetually in need of anything from a facelift to a full redesign. It doesn't help that I often think, "Hey! I need to add [x]!" or, "Damn, I can't find a list of [y] anywhere. Guess I'll have to build it." That latter sentiment led to the birth of Frugal Victoria (currently suffering somewhat for lack of attention).

Anyway, since hubby and I both have wireless laptops right now, we've been trying to track down all the many WiFi spots in town. I found a bunch of sites, but nothing is comprehensive. Hubby has been wandering around with a wifinder keyfob and doing his own personal warchalking, but the wifinder doesn't tell you whether the network is open or protected... Then you can add the problem of the many providers of network access -- some are free to use, others (such as the HotSpots advertized on every Starbucks door) are by subscription. So I thought I would put together a page (which may or may not grow into a site) on VIWiFi (e.g. Vancouver Island Wireless Fidelity). Tonight, though, all I got done was a graphic (whee! the first real application of the graphics tablet I splurged on a few months back):

So.... if you know anything about WiFi on Vancouver Island, leave a comment or fling me an email... I'll post a link when the page/site is up.

tags: wifi, wireless network, Victoria BC, Vancouver Island.

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