02 April 2006

Manual Labour

Today, I finally sucked it up and decided to try and install the new kitchen faucet. We hit a few hitches.

old_faucet stubborn_nuts new_faucet

Problem 1: the old one was more or less cemented in place. Hubby came to my rescue to loosen the old nuts. [insert sophomoric chuckle at use of word "nuts"].

Problem 2: the original holes in the countertop did not match the holes in the sink. Not a problem for our old faucet, but the new faucet needed to be plumbed through the centre hole. Again, hubby took the helm, picked up a power tool, and 'splained it to the sink.

Problem 3: the supply tubes I bought to replace the old ones were two inches too short. A trip to the hardware store was required to exchange them.

Eventually, about 3 and a half hours after starting, we had a new mixing faucet in place. And we were still speaking to each other. Yay!

Next, we went over to my mother's where I put together most of the ring pillow I am making for a coworker's wedding:


After that, we rushed home and I tidied while hubby whipped up a lovely Sunday roast beef dinner for six (us, kiddo**, my mother in law and kiddo's cousins). We gave everyone else the bum's rush when it was time for West Wing though.... which ended exactly as I had guessed it would. Sigh.

Tags: renos, plumbing, sewing, kiddo

**This is the most amazing thing: kiddo is now eating meat fairly regularly... and is beginning to eat a minor variation of whatever meal we are eating instead of requiring one of a short menu of items.

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