08 April 2006

Busy Busy Busy.

Update of sorts.

Stayed home sick on Friday (felt miserable Thursday and most of Friday...). While I was doing dishes, I noticed the sink wasn't draining properly... had a poke around (using disposable chopsticks) and pulled out a small fork (using needle-nosed pliers) which had become lodged in the drain. (Ewwwww!) Even after extracting that, it required a good plunging to clear the rest of the blockage... but now it's running smooooth.

Last night, after several weeks, the piece for which I was interviewed ran on CH News. My CuppaJoe Cozy mention amounted to about 20 seconds... but that is 20 seconds of free advertising, I suppose.

Crafting continues! In an effort to Use What I Have this month, I have had a few false starts (like this card that I intended to be part of a series... but then lost interest) but tonight dug out the sewing machine and all of my fabric and sewing stash (aCk! Two binsfull!)... and I whipped together a couple of drawstring bags:



Both of which are now listed at victriviaqueen.etsy.com -- yay!

Hubby also took the van in this morning (turns out a the socket on the left turn signal was hooped -- they did the work gratis after last week's frustration) and we squeezed in a visit to the Bug Zoo.

tags: manual labour, crafting, weekend.

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