04 April 2006

Some Alone Time

me_onthebusI woke up feeling mopey... so I took some time to myself before work and on my breaks.

rainy_pinkrhodoBefore I started work this morning I got off the bus a stop early and walked through the Finerty Gardens, getting some nice photos of rhododendrons and other things....

eating my shoeFor morning coffee I caught up on blogs and puttered at my desk. At lunch, I ate on my way to get coffee then kept walking in search of bunnies. One tried to eat my shoe. I didn't find as many rabbits as I expected; I guess they were hiding midday.

magnoliastellataAfternoon break rolled around and I decided to repeat the morning coffee routine, reading stuff online and keeping to myself. In between, I had a very productive day; I moved a lot of books and paperwork off my desk. Tonight, now that I have uploaded a dozen photos to Flickr, I have a few tasks I need to complete... which I should start now...

tags: alone time, photography, rabbits, self.


pastilla said...

This post makes me happy.

As a kid, my father took me up to campus regularly to see the B&G guys planting the UVic campus. I saw the pin oaks heeled in and am old enough to remember when (I'm really dating myself here) there was a dirt road leading from the Sub to the construction site that was to be Clearihue. (One of my first memories.)

I was older when they put in the rhodies, but I remember my father (no longer with us) saying, "My God, this is going to be a gorgeous campus." He visited the guys regularly, and heard the stories (did you know that UVic rhodies are stolen regularly by dedicated Victoria gardeners?)

Anyhow . . . I hope walking the ground lifted your spirits. The original planners (a group of quiet, sweet older men) really intended it to create peaceful little natural escapes for students, staff and faculty.

Cheryl said...

Ahh, I wonder if your Father knew mine. My Dad (now retired) started working in B&G (now "Facilities Management") in the mid-70s and he actually planted many of the rhodos, so the gardens have that much more significance to me.

The whole campus is very much a part of my life. My Mother also works here, and I have been kicking around the place since I was old enough to toddle through the stacks. Guess it made sense for me to work here too.

I don't remember a dirt road... but I do remember the old Gymnasium, and the lack of many buildings. Have you looked at a campus map lately? You'd barely recognize it.

Anonymous said...

I'll email you my dad's name and description --- (he was a prof) it would be very cool if they knew each other. (So, it was not news for you that the rhodies "vanished" at night! Darn . . . clearly I'll have to work harder to amaze you.)