08 February 2006

Building a Better Calendar

30 Boxes | it's your life

OK. So, while I was looking for an online one-stop email reminder service, I happened across 30Boxes, a new online calendar. I signed up as soon as I could and I have to say, it is swish and getting swisher.

"So what?" you say. Well, I dunno about you, but I have one calendar at home (it's on the wall) and two at work (one on the wall and one in Outlook which I've only been using haphazardly for the past 6 months). Sometimes, I would like to check if there is anything coming up in the week ahead at work (on a Sunday from home) and sometimes, I'd like to check if there is anything on the books for the weekend (from work).

With 30 boxes, as long as I can find a browser, I can check my calendar (and that includes in an internet cafe across the globe). For that matter, I can also export the calendar in CSV format to merge it with my Outlook calendar.

Anyhow... if you sign up, you can find me this way.

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