22 February 2006

CuppaJoe in the News

For those who are interested, the CuppaJoe Cozies and me are mentioned in an article in the February 27th issue of Macleans -- on newstands now.

"Love what you've done with your cup," contributed by Rebecca Eckler, is mostly about Cup Couture -- the competition -- and references a past post here in a way that makes me sound more than a little whiny and while I could grumble and mope about it, there's no way I am going to look at this publicity as anything but favourable -- my Cozies are less than half the price of the Cup Couture wraps, they're 100% Canadian, and that article just landed on thousands of newstands across the country.

So Rebecca, if you're reading this, "Thanks!"

Unfortunately, my shopping cart was not quite ready for prime time this afternoon, but after a few hours fiddling, it's good to go! I also have knitters lined-up to help if demand outstrips supply.... fingers crossed!

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