06 February 2006

Monday Musings

Whether you call it a linkdump, news roundup, or, as Neil Gaiman says the "need to close some tabs," here's a bunch of stuff I've been reading today.

1. Stephen Harper was sworn in, and has chosen a cabinet with fewer women (no big shock), a non-elected Conservative (huh? he can do that?) and someone elected as a Liberal who has crossed the floor (and it's not Belinda).

2. The face-transplant recipient held a press-conference in which she talked about how she is coping with her new mouth and nose. Still on the topic of health, CBC's Quirks and Quarks this week featured a segment on exercise myths.

3. Erm.... I'm not sure I'd like to live in one, but these Free Spirit Spheres are kinda nifty solitary habitats. On the opposite end of the scale, the boffins in Ottawa and other Canadian government centres are researching ways to improve office workers' satisfaction with their workplace environments (i.e.: cubicle farms).

4. I didn't want to win that money anyway. Apparently, suddenly getting money is difficult to cope with. The folks at SuddenMoney want to help you. Really. Of course, finding oneself suddenly without money can be hard too; Leonard Cohen has come out of retirement after his manager of 17 years helped himself to Cohen's $5 million savings. Ouch.

Tags: Canadian politics, in the news, alternative living, work environment, financial woes

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Mike DeWolfe said...

I'd like to think that people who need help with new found wealth can send it to Very Good Cause for proper distribution to a string of non-charitable uses.