12 February 2006

Where do you FIND that stuff?

Some of you have asked me where I find all the weird stuff out there in web-land. The short answer is that I have a few favourite websites and from them, I linksurf.

Today, I checked into ExtremeCraft and found CrashBonsai (clever little pre-crashed cars for your bonsai or houseplant); from KnitWit, I followed the banner for Crafster.org where I found the Fetus Popple (a little disturbing, but no more so than the knit womb from Knitty) -- and a link to Boycott Sew Fast/Sew Easy for bullying local knitting groups over the use of the phrase "Stitch and Bitch"; at ShinyShiny I found .... well, nothing that really tickled my fancy today; and over at Drawn! I just sucked it all in -- it's all good stuff, but if I had to choose one thing, I'd send you to the video "Let's Be Friends" in which Jeff Soto's creations come to life in L.A.

So there is a typical Sunday morning on the web with me.

TAGS: linksurfing, creative, crafts, boycott.

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