28 February 2006

I made siu mai!

Usually, Hubby takes the wheel on stuff like these fiddly dim sum dumplings (siu mai, pronounced SHOO my) -- they are stuffed with a pork mixture and steamed. Hubby was at a meeting tonight, though, so I hauled out the Dim Sum cookbook and followed the recipe to the best of the ingredients on hand (substituted celery for bamboo shoots, and put in only one dried mushroom as I find them very strong). Anyway, I was pretty happy with the results:


There are a few more photos on Flickr. [BTW, the stainless steel steamer baskets are one of our prized posessions -- we found them tucked under a table in a cluttered store in San Francisco, waaay back in 1996. We bought every one they had -- which was six small and two large plus two small lids and one large lid.]

Tags: cooking, dim sum.

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