17 February 2006

Prepare for Joe Cozy Mania!

(Or at least a hiccup of interest.)

Yesterday, out of the blue, I received a request for an interview from a journalist working on a piece for Maclean's Magazine (Canada's largest circulation news weekly and 4th largest circluation magazine overall).

After some back and forth by email, she phoned to interview me about my CuppaJoe Cozies. She seemed to like the idea and told me the story will be running in next week's issue!

I decided that with the magazine landing on newsstands, in mailboxes and in doctors' waiting rooms across the country within a few days, I needed to build a dedicated site, and so I scratched one together in about 4 hours last night, including some new photos: CuppaJoeCozies

Expect it to be tweaked over the weekend (I noticed a few typos once I got to work) -- and if you have any feedback on the site, please let me know! I will also be creating some buttons and banners for anyone wanting to help me promote them! WhEeeEE!



Zézette said...

I've been meaning to tell you how goddamn cool that is, so I'll do it now: THAT IS SO GODDAMN COOL! Well done, you!

Oh, and send me along a coupla buttons or banners, and I'll get them up.

Zézette said...

Oh, and are you sure $5 is enough to charge for one of these?

Rae said...

That's cool. Send me a button and I'll have it put on my blog too. That is of course, if you are willing to sell to Australia too! :)