01 February 2006

Grizzly Bears and Groovy Goods

Those of you with Discovery Channel (US and Canada) might want to plan on curling up with the award-winning documentary Grizzly Man this friday (it runs at 8 pm ET in most markets). It wasn't nominated for an Academy Award, but it has certainly stirred up controversy. Discovery is airing it along with a 30 minute documentary about the documentary. No, I'm not actually kidding.

From one glowing screen to another, I have really been enjoying HippyShopper -- a compendium of fair-trade, ethical, recycled and otherwise eco-friendly goods, based in the UK. I was especially taken by the Mothercare Eco Crib (more a cradle really) made of heavy duty cardboard that slots together and can be stored flat and recycled when you're done with it. I was also quite attracted to the furniture and accessories by Scrapile -- made from offcuts discarded by other woodworking shops.

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