19 February 2006

"I probably wouldn't order that again."

That seemed to be the theme of my day, foodwise.

This morning started out just fine; at hubby's urging we did a lot of housecleaning -- I even moved the furniture to chase down the dust bunnies. Then we dropped kiddo at her Nana's and headed out for a few hours of kid-free time.

First was more books; hubby wanted to check out the Raise a Reader sale for himself. After a little under an hour, we came out with half a dozen books and the sale made another $15. From there we went to Cook Street Village for lunch. On one of the side streets, there's a lovely little mini-food fair with 4 kiosks -- Thai food, sushi, coffee, and Ethiopian food. For the hell of it, I chose a beef dish from the Ethiopian kiosk. While the food was fine (the beef itself was very tasty), it was messy and spicier than I would normally choose so I told hubby, "It's not bad, but I probably wouldn't order it again."


From here, we headed into town. Really just wandered from one place to another, taking a few photos, checking out a few stores and eventually ending up at Oh Gelato! where hubby could get his fix of Green Tea gelato. I chose the Creme Brule flavour and about halfway through declared, "Hmmm. I probably wouldn't order that again." Hubby pointed out this was becoming a theme. In case youre curious, I still finished off the gelato -- after all, the cone cost $4.50.

A few more stops and then we collected the family from a dental clinic where our neice had just had a tooth extracted -- a nasty abcess, and I know all about those. This evening was a quiet family night, topped off by baking banana-pecan loaf....


mmMMMmmmm.... I would make that again.

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