11 February 2006

Ice Cube is no Cary Grant

Mr. Blandings redux as Are We Done Yet?

This hurts my head. First, Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House is a fantastic classic film (one of my favourites, actually) that has no need to be redone. Aside from the finances quoted in the film, the plot generally stands up to the test of time.

So I guess on one hand, I'm glad Ice Cube is no longer making a direct remake. On the other hand, Are We There Yet (which made more than one "worst of 2005" list) was a lame film which didn't need to be made -- and certainly didn't deserve a sequel based on Mr. Blandings.

I hope Cary Grant's ghost haunts the set. And not in a nice way.

TAGS: movie sequels, Cary Grant, Ice Cube

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