24 February 2006

Learning Russian?

I recently came across a pair of Russian primers from 1976 (though they have a Dick and Jane feel from an earlier era) and I thought, "I wonder how hard Russian is to learn..."

Naturally, I turned to the web, and what do I find but LearningRussian.com: Russian Language Introduction. The site claims that the "alphabet can be mastered in under a week or less." While I'm not completely convinced of that, I might give it a shot. I also found a pronunciation guide online. Nifty.

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Greg Hewgill said...

I had an introductory Russian book a while ago. Indeed, the alphabet is really easy to learn. Oddly, some of my motivation for learning the alphabet came out of curiosity about the Russian spam I was getting. Sure enough, once I learned the alphabet, I was able to recognize English words that had been transliterated into Russian.

If you're serious, I know somebody from the Ukraine that would probably be happy to help in exchange for English practice.

Cheryl said...

I will keep that in mind. Right now, I am just curious though I am going to hold on to the books.