09 February 2006

Day that Was


One of the many campus rabbits pausing for a photo. This is what the day looked like at 4:20 this afternoon. I had ventured out earlier -- once for coffee and once at lunch -- but I was too distracted by other thoughts to really notice the weather.

Kiddo is now officially registered for kindergarten in the BC public school system (we'll let you know how that works out) plus in a daycare on the school grounds for before and after school care. The cost? $20 less per month than we pay now for an independent school daycare with after school care -- and we will be getting an extra 3 1/2 hours care for her in the new set up.

But my thoughts weren't even there, mostly I was thinking about work stuff (nothing too intense -- mostly procedure tune-ups and minor mysteries), and trying to figure out how to deal with my most recent toothache. Yesterday was hell, today was a lesser version of that pain. Problem is, I have had such lousy luck with dental work going wrong, that I can't even face phoning the dentist. It's an issue.

Nuff'a'that. Here's a cute picture of kiddo:


She thinks she looks like a chef with this towel wrapped around her head. So amusing.

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