13 February 2006

Movieful Weekend

Seemed like a very movie-positive weekend in our home... we saw part or all of a bunch of movies and I didn't really think about how many until this weekend.

We rented Lord of War (good; underrated and slow-ish but good) but otherwise these were on one cable channel or another; I think we'd seen most of them before:

Friday, late night:
Vampirella (we caught the last 20 minutes of this stunningly bad thriller starring Roger Daltrey as the head baddie, Vlad)

Saturday morning:
Fools Rush In (great "guilty pleasure" star-crossed romance with Matthew Perry pre-painkiller addiction and Selma Hayak before her hair became unmanagably huge)

Saturday evening:
Grosse Pointe Blank (the Matador left this plot in the dust)
Star 80 (more than earned its commercial break warnings "...may not be suitable for all viewers")

Sunday morning:
Falling Down (had to stop watching this one when kiddo got up, considering it's rated R)
Stitch! The Movie (Sequel to Lilo and Stitch; and pretty much a polar opposite to Falling Down)

Sunday afternoon:
The Sting (definitely a classic in so many ways... hmm, I see they have put out a Legacy Edition.)

Sunday evening:
Boogie Nights (kiddo was sound asleep before I turned this on!)

I really should add all of these to Medianook.... sometime, maybe... but not tonight.

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