08 February 2006

Stuff I know and stuff I think about.

1. The Grammys suck. I hadn't watched them for years and I thought, "What the hell, I don't have anything better to watch." Unfortunately, it's like watching FM radio; its time has passed.* We gave up on the event before the final award was announced as it was time for Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.

2. When did Tom Hanks turn into a blindingly patriotic old man?

3. The Canadian Blood Service is run by a nasty tangle of undereducated bureaucrats.

4. Fawlty Towers is still alarmingly funny. Married with Children is not.

5. I have a day off on Friday! WhEEEEEEEE!

6. The construction over by my corner of the campus is about to get ugly. This little fella is about a hundred feet away from the window nearest to my desk:


7. Due to number 6 (above); it will be a long, loud summer.

*There was one exception to the lameness: the Kanye West/Jamie Foxx supersized performance of Golddigger. Of course, it didn't help him to win.

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