25 February 2006

Full Day!

1. Rummage sales! Hit two sales today where we gathered a trunkfull of treasures for a pittance:


$6 for a HUGE amount of yarn (above)
$2 for a pair of adjustable Barbie-branded over-shoe roller skates/blades with knee and elbow pads (for kiddo)
$1 for a pair of Simple slip-on sneakers (for me)
$2 for a Nike hoodie, an OshKosh denim overall dress, and two t-shirts (for kiddo)
$5 for an IKEA desk
$0.50 for a laptop bag
$0.75 for Troubleshooting Excel Spreadsheets (c.2001)
$0.75 for a bagful of 17 little tin stars

I've probably left out a few other odds and ends -- but amazingly our haul totalled less than $20!!

2. Saw Mirrormask at Cinecenta -- visually stunning; like no other feature length film. Kiddo was bored and a bit scared at parts, but was a good sport and stayed in the theatre.

3. Out to Sidney to see the special Lego® displays at the Sidney Museum. First we had a late lunch at Cafe Del Mundo (fabulous fabulous service and really great Mexican food!). Unfortunatley that meant that we got to the museum just as it was closing... they let us in, but it seemed like they were annoyed to do so. Worse was that I was very disappointed in the display; I was expecting original designs using Lego bricks, what was on display were collections of assembled Lego kits. And of course even after asking her a dozen times before we got to the Museum, 5 minutes in, kiddo had to go to the bathroom. Sigh.

Kiddo put herself to bed at 5-ish on our return home. I expect she will wake up at some ridiculous hour, hungry and alert. I also dozed off (briefly) and since then have been puttering. I'm about to settle down to making the first "pride cozy" -- a rainbow striped CuppaJoe Cozy!

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