18 February 2006

Getting Busy!

Went out this morning and unexpectedly left a pawn shop with a new camera! Hubby bought it for me because it was a good deal, and because he wanted the one I have been using. Fine by me!The new camera is a Sony (just like the other one, so we can exchange memory cards and almost completely eliminate the learning curve) -- the DSC-P93 to be precise; it offers 5.1 megapixels with a 3x optical zoom (yay!) and even captures mpeg video. The other part of the "deal" of my getting a new camera is that I am going to try and make spare cash selling stock photos, art photos, and photo-printed products (e.g.: I plan to make at least one calendar to sell). I'll keep you posted on those fronts, too.

After the pawn shop we had lunch, then kiddo and I lined up (thankfully only for about 10 minutes) to get into the "Raise a Reader" booksale. There were apparently almost half a million books -- all donations -- roughly sorted for sale at $1 to $3 with proceeds going to literacy programs in the city. I spent $23 and came home with 23 books plus one brand-new-in-package LeapPad book and cartridge. While a couple of the books were more than a buck, this was balanced by some of the books (early readers) being sold at 2/$1.


Unbelieveable bargains! We may go back for day two of the sale tomorrow.

This afternoon, we attended the first birthday party for friends' daughter and caught up with people we hadn't seen in a while. Most had fun teasing me about my pending CuppaJoe Cozy fame. I tried to take it in stride.

Currently, I am watching Castaway while hubby edits podcast number two; should be ready to go within a day or two.

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