28 January 2006

Cup Couture ??

Damnit. Somebody tell me why Cup Couture can find a market but my poor lonely Cuppa Joe Cozies are still sitting in a big basket on my end table?


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Zézette said...

Just because they're out there doesn't mean they're selling.

Mike DeWolfe said...

How many times have I seen something languish that a hipster doofus will turn into a fab success.
Here's my 100 word marketing plan:
1) Take four Cuppa Joe Cozies. Put the sleeves around paper coffee cups. Put "good for one coffee" coupons (from Solstice Cafe) into the cups. Send them to news outlets. I worked in radio. On-air people are POOR. If you sent them a cheque for $0.25 they would cash it. With the coupon and cozie in their possession, they will go and talk to their benefactor.
2) Take photos of people drinking from the Cozie-clad cups. Make a "Joe Cozy" Flickr tag and invite others to post photos of what they're doing while using their cozies.
3) Make a version for beer bottles. Girls will love them and give them to unhappy guys who like the manly feel of cold glass or chilly tin. Sales is always more important than utility.

Zézette said...

No, sorry, the knitted beer cooler is my idea. But I'm willing to sell you a franchise if you like. At mate's rates, of course.

Jill said...

yours are wonderful. Cupcouture is not doing a good business. I attempted to purchase several of these as a sample to show my employer. Had they agreed to it, we would have purchased hundreds. However, they ran my credit card, never sent me the product, failed to respond to my email (2 weeks after order had processed and I hadn't received the goods) until 1.5 weeks later. When I called customer service, they offered to 'take a message' for me. I had to call my credit card to cancel the order. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!

Irene said...
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