05 February 2006

Weekend in a nutshell.

Saturday we set out early for Nanaimo... missed the worst of the storm (until our drive back over the Malahat). We bought a few things we needed and a bunch of things we didn't, including 4 CDs (one at HMV, the others at Fascinating Rhythm, a great little new & used music store on Commercial Street in downtown Nanaimo) :

Lady Sovereign -- Vertically Challenged
Chemical Brothers -- Hey Boy Hey Girl (CD Single)
Fatboy Slim -- Camber Sands (EP)
Ultra Lounge: Mambo Fever


sealand_coverAlso stopped into the Project Literacy Bookstore -- too often we don't make a point and it really is a great used bookstore. The fairy, above, sits in the kids' section. We picked up a book on bats and one on space games for kiddo; hubby got a couple of computer-related books, and I found an early 80s souvenir pamphlet for Sealand of the Pacific "Canada's Largest Oceanarium" which closed not long after orca trainer Keltie Byrne fell into the pool and was killed. I got the pamphlet for a mere 75 cents but it brings back a lot of memories.


When we got back to town the windstorm was gaining speed; we went down to the breakwater (with dozens of other locals) to watch the waves come in. I got a few photos, but hubby had more fun with the ones I took of him from inside the van. Here he is, blown away by it all.

Today, we tried to see the Lion Dance in Chinatown but the crowds were RIDICULOUS. It's not just that there were a lot of people -- but there was a very high concentration of morons in the crowd. After 10 minutes, kiddo (who, on hubby's shoulders, was the ony one who could see the performance) said, "Let's just go home." To make matters worse, I got a photo of the crowds and one of the vegetables amongst which we were standing then my batteries died -- and my replacement pair were dead too! Argh.


As you can guess from the last post, I've had my nose in some poetry books this weekend. I also picked up issue #3 of Rex Libris, and I have to say I am decidedly underwhelmed. I started to get into Silent Bob Speaks last night, but got distracted.

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