02 February 2006



(Music: "I got You Babe" fades)
BDM : OK Campers. Rise and Shine and don't forget your Booties 'Cause It's Cold Out
HR : Cold Out? What is this? Miami?
BDM : Not Hardly. And you know you can expect hazardous travel later in the day from that blizzard.
HR : Blizzard thing. Blizzard thing. Oh, here's the report from the national weather is calling for a big blizzard thing.
BDM : It'll be especially cold. There's another reason why today is especial --
HR : Especially Cold?
BDM : Especially cold, right. The big question on everyone's lips--
HR : Chapped lips
BDM : Chapped lips. Do you Phil think will come out see his shadow?
HR : Puxatawny Phil.
BDM : That's right woodchuck chuckers!
Both: It's Groundhog Day!

(actually it's about 9°C around here... and we'll be watching Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell over dinner this evening.)

Here's a bit of history of Groundhog Day including a list going back to 1887 of Punxsutawney Pete's predictions.

**A big thanks to hubby who transcribed the radio announcers (voiced by Brian Doyle Murray and Harold Ramis) from the movie.

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