05 January 2006

Umm.. so I haven't been that busy...

Life has been quiet-ish, and that's good. Last night, we watched Serenity (finally bought both that and also the Firefly series by using the last of our Christmas gift cards. Well, not really last; we still have Starbucks cards...) and I worked on the snuffleuppagus scarf for most of the film's duration.

In an effort to get my diet and health back under control, I seem to have become one of "those" people with a shelf full of supplements. Currently the list of supplements is: one basic multivitamin (with iron, I think), evening primrose oil (1,000 mg/day), 5-HTP (100 mg/day -- just started this week), Cold-FX (one capsule, preventatively, per day).

For those of you using Firefox, you'll notice that Flotsam and Jetsam now has a "live bookmark" option -- YAY! Hubby figured it out, and now all our main blogger sites have that option.

This evening... I have been gathering movie-themed desktop images to load my screensaver while watching My Name is Earl, The Office, and CSI. So... not much really.


Oh, in the "cute as hell" camp, kiddo had a nightmare the other night and while we were consoling her, saying we were sorry, she said, "It's OK. My brain just didn't know to give me a kid's dream instead of an adult dream."

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Rae said...

Oh - incredibly cute as hell!
BTW love the scarf!