14 January 2006

Homegrrl and Movietalk

Today, I mostly stayed home.

Slept in (until 7:40 -- CRAP! I've almost become a morning person!)... lovely, lazy morning with strong coffee in my mug and Shakespeare in Love on the telly. Hubby went out briefly to sign some debt-fu paperwork (a great big extended middle finger to three more credit cards!) while I hung out with kiddo. On his return we had chili and cornbread for lunch, then it was laundry day -- 5 freakin' loads! Oh, and I discovered that one of the drains for the washing machines in the laundry room has some serious issues -- I am debating telling the managment company; my worry is that they will simply make the attached machine "out of order" rather than fix the problem.

But I digress.

While waiting for laundry, I mad a veggie chart to help kiddo track her veggie choices -- so far she eats a lot of carrots and avocado, some broccoli , and cucumber (when it is part of tzatziki). We'd like her to eat tomatoes (not just ketchup or tomato sauce), celery, corn, peas, and beans. Or at least try them. So there are squares under each veggie that say "I tried this," "I tried this again," "I like this raw," "I like this cooked," and "I like this in/with." We filled in the carrot and broccoli grids today.

This evening, after Battlestar Galactica and natchos, I went out for a short while. I returned a huge stack of library books, went to Movie Gallery and grabbed a few things from the drug store. I brought home Crash and Lush -- both were free rentals! The rental place phoned and offered us a free rental because we hadn't been in for a while -- how's that for flawed logic? -- and lately they've been offering a free gallery (old stock) rental with every new release.

We watched Crash tonight -- great film. Lush looks OK from the bumf on the case -- Campbell Scott and Laura Linney in New Orleans.... but looking at imdb, the outlook is not so great. We'll see.

Crash is one of last year's films now out on DVD that I really wanted to see before the award season kicks into gear; also on the list are The Constant Gardener and A History of Violence plus documentaries Rize, March of the Penguins, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Murderball, The Aristocrats and Grizzly Man (phew! good year for docs!). I'd like to see Walk the Line, Good Night and Good Luck and Capote which are still in theatres, but not sure if I will get the chance to see any of them. I don't think Transamerica has even come to town. Oh, and we also missed The Wedding Crashers and The 40 Year Old Virgin -- but I somehow doubt the Academy will recognize either film.

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Z├ęzette said...

I like the sound of your vege chart. We've used a behaviour chart in the past, with a reward for a certain amount of stickers accumulated. We had some success with it, so good luck with yours.

Good Night and Good Luck is on my list of things to do this week. I'll let you know what I think. Perhaps it's time I branched out into Celluloid Safari?