07 January 2006

Out and About *

This morning, my mom picked up me and kiddo and we went out to a fabric store to buy the remaining fabric she needed to make kiddo's quilt, and some curtains to coordinate with the coming redecoration.

Yep. We have promised to let kiddo paint one wall and the trim around the windows and doors purple. She has been asking for over a year... so I'm guessing she is not going to change her mind any time soon. I expect we will do the work in March, close to her birthday.

Now, if I ever utter the words "I ought to take up quilting," please ask me how I plan to finance that particular habit. You see, I had no idea that a yard of fabric (ONE yard) could cost $12.99 on sale. That, to me, seems ridiculous. Mind you, when I think of quilting my thoughts turn to pioneer crazy-quilts which believe were made with scraps from worn clothing or leftovers from making clothing. So if I ever take up quilting, rest assured, I will be using scraps and recycled fabric.

After lunch, mom went off to see a movie and kiddo and I were left to our own devices. We chose to go on a "bus adventure" -- she really wanted to take a double decker bus, so I told her we would get on one and see where it went. This amused her no end. We ended up going from downtown out to Admirals Walk then doing some shopping (groceries plus a wander through the dollar store) and taking another bus from there home. This little self-portrait with kiddo (below, left) was taken at Admiral's Walk; kiddo also noticed a needle stuck into two leaves of one of the bushes (below, right):

momanddaughter likeaneedle2

When we got home, we were a bit cold from the rain, so I turned up the heat and we curled up to watch some cartoons. Once we were warm, it was craft time! We had bought some nice bright-coloured ink-pads at the dollar store so kiddo could do some "thumbprinting." Here's one of her creations:


In case you were wondering, hubby was out doing "good friend" duty helping someone move. Now we are watching Jaws which, oddly, I have never seen. Scratch one off my film-gap list!

*(No, I do not pronounce that "ooot and aboooot." I am Canadian, not stupid.)

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