26 January 2006

Just when TV malaise is setting in...

I find a new show I love.

This year it seems some old favourites -- most notably The West Wing and Arrested Development (which didn't get a fair shot) -- are moving on to the great realm of syndication. A few others really oughta shuffle off. House has become repetitive; CSI is gradually transforming into X-Files, Las Vegas; and I gave up on this season of Desperate Housewives about 4 episodes in.

On the other hand, I have finally found Weeds. Oh. My. God. is that show side-splittingly funny and weird at the same time. I had caught a parts of a few episodes before, but last night I finally managed to watch an episode start to finish. I almost fell out of bed laughing so hard -- and I found it funny enough to share at coffee break this morning (not unlike the around-the-watercooler promo for Showcase's latenight lineup).

So, until I get around to buying Arrested Development and Dead Like Me (another show cancelled before its time) on DVD, you'll find me watching Showcase on Wednesday nights.


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