31 January 2006

"Faces of Meth" freak me out.

Link surfing on my coffee break found this site: Faces of Meth (from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America).

It kinda freaked me out -- not because the only way the before and after shots could be creepier is if the subjects were dead -- because of the number of people with open sores on their faces -- "skin ulcerations" -- eww. Apparently skin ulcerations are just one of the common side effects of using crystal meth. On the other hand, with a decent make-up kit, I could easily fake those before and afte shots having seen that site.

Meth is big in the news these days. Ever since the release of the "Oncoming" Baitcar video [warning: explicit language], the media has been on the prowl for meth news. Victoria even has a Crystal Meth Society to educate and support the community.

Honestly, the closest I can come to understanding addiction is caffeine but since it is not only legal but also socially encouraged, I guess that really can't compare. All I can say is that meth freaks me out more than even the idea of crack ever did.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched a crazy documentary tonight about crystal meth use among gay men on Current TV, Al Gore's cable network. It made my jaw drop. Check out www.current.tv for the next time they'll play it.