08 January 2006

Scarf Done!

Woo! I finished off the snuffleuppagus scarf last night; here's an action shot:


The finished scarf is 8 inches wide and 45 inches long. If I made another, I would aim for no more than 6 inches wide.

As I mentioned last night, I finished it while watching Jaws, which I really rather enjoyed! I was surprised by the amount of suspense given that I knew what the "surprising" scenes were -- thanks to 30 years of pop culture references, not to mention shows like Mythbusters' Jaws Special. As I sat there watching, I was trying to figure out why I had never seen the film before. I think a large part was that I was too young when it premiered in the theatre (I was six) -- for the most part I was still watching Disney movies. Since then, though, I have had many opportunities... so I think it comes down to the fact that I have always thought Richard Dreyfuss was a goof and I always thought of Jaws as a Dreyfuss film.

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