23 January 2006

Bend Over, Canada.

Looks like you just screwed yourself.

The numbers have been flip-flopping in several ridings but it looks like a pretty weak Conservative minority with a strong Liberal opposition. The question remains who will ally with whom? To get a majority, or to win a vote in the House, you need 155 seats. Nothing here adds up nicely to 155 (as of 9:05 p.m. PST):

125 Conservative
102 Liberal
51 Bloc Quebequois
29 NDP
1 Independent

Locally in Victoria, I was all set to storm the Green Party HQ and blame Ariel Lade for stealing the riding from Denise Savoie... after all, she has a very green record Municipally. However, it looks like she is holding the lead for now.

Over the border inEsquimalt it is "too close to call" with Keith Martin and Randall Garrison separated by a couple of hundred votes.

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