22 January 2006

Last Minute Political Quizzes

The polls open in less than 24 hours. Do you know who you're voting for? Are you sure?

Politics Watch - Canada's Political Portal offers the Vote Selector Quiz: 18 statements which are rated to test with which party your beliefs are best aligned. Greens are not included in this quiz.

Which Party to Vote For is a similar quiz crated by Oleg Saplin; there are 12 issues, multiple choice with the statements from each of the "major" parties. Again, Greens are shut out.

In the first quiz, I matched 100% with the NDP; the Liberals and the Conservatives tied at 64% and the Bloc came in at 58%. However, in the second quiz, I matched only 1 issue with the NDP; 5 with the Liberals, 4 with the Bloc and 2 with the Conservatives.

I think the second quiz is a much better design because you actually need to choose one statement on each issue that best matches your belief. Some were very difficult to choose, and I really wanted a "none of the above" option -- but that's often how I feel about voting. In the first quiz, when ranking each statement, it is much easier to guess where your chosen party stands or just click the option "neither" which then takes that issue out of the running for calculations.

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